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Drake - Asthma Team

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Comeback Season

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I swear to you Lord Same dudes used to laugh at me See me in the CL 6 with half a b They know that money begets money so naturally Me and Half could blow a couple of stacks hassle free I'm like fuck y'all haters on behalf on me 'Cause I could flood the city with a staff of three I'm talking me and two part -ners in that Caprice With no copies made I got the master keys And fast cars, fast women, fast cash and cream Could mould you rappers like plasticine I have to dream, but dogMe and success are two things you don't wanna find your ass between *Back against the wall like a plasma screens* The inside of my wallet is pasture/ past your greenAnd you are now hanging with the asthma team Sweetie catch your breath while I smash the scene I should leave Earth, nothing left to do here Everyday is Christmas and e'ry night is New Year's Say whatever, I never been concerned about who hears Call my town Sparta and I'm coming with two spears I'm telling you dog, always got the spring collection in fall I run my bill up making executives calls And with me, women be building these sceptical walls But once you slept with one dime man, you slept with them all, uhhFamily, money, and music is all I ever knew My necklace suffer from depression it's forever blue Cheer up baby you don't see all this revenue?I started the game at level twoI'm sayin'Stop acting like teen girls are my only marketI parallel the Flying +Spur+ +Tony park+ itAnd it's cool if you spill suttin it's only carpet That's why I get my interior colour only dark shit Toronto's where you livin' todayAnd you ain't making records that people are driven to playI would advise you to really make a move, sooner than laterCause these are only the joints that I'm giving away You feel me?

Asthma Team (01:59)
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