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Interpreti Drake Diskografie Made In October One Man Show

Drake - One Man Show

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Made In October

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[Drake]Look, I ain't never had a benzoNope, I pushed me an Ac wit the tintzo (Ac = Acura)nosey n-ggas is peakin' in my windowhave a hard time lookingI tell you second hand that's a hard grind cookingcause my pop was in it so deepif his son wanted in it these dealers would probably drop percentageInstead, I drop bars like I'm two months soberits my time now so them you months overyeah if I want it I find me a way to get thatIm trying to get to the point where I can sit backtook a lot of patience and actionI grind so Im anticipating relaxingIm thinking bout replacing the Jacksons on top of the chartsI don't need brothers fillin' space in the back than.so from the kid with the sun tan flowthe hottest ticket in town to this one man show[Drake - Chorus]I think that you know as well as I knowBitches checkin' for me every where that I gowhat you gotta understand that its me I beuntil the motherf-cking day that I D.I.E(repeated)[Verse 2]I can easily make'em admit to bounce backwithout knowing exactly where my accounts atyeah you best believe that I often (?)so they dont like me and throw parties and yet they never invite meI cant lie sometime it bother me slightlyeither way the true fans yellI appear calm and its obvious so who can telland no this aint Blu cantrellthis is like perfection though we both got the light complexioncouple things that I do that welland the way that I Jack-son you think that Drake new Sam-el (As in Samual Jackson)Ive been real though (?)they stay kicking it with me like a field goalsee Im humble but I live vainwith more deals on the table than a (?)[Chorus]When he says "Benzo" he is talking about a Benz as in the Bentley cars.And when he says "Ac" he is saying he drove an Acura.Than when he says "I drop bars like I'm two months sober". He is referring it to someone that has stopped drinking and no longer goes to bars. Life if someone asks if you have a girlfriend/boyfriend and you say "No, I dropped her/him a week ago."You had the part about the Jacksons right, He is just saying that he wants to top what the Jackson 5 have done by himself. He is basically saying that Micheal Jackson was the reason the Jackson 5 did so well, So since he is going to try and do it better, He doesn't need his "brothers" in the background filling in the empty space.And I think there is a part before verse 2. I think he says something like"They say it isn't a best bet."But because of the DJ an "Evil Empire" you can't hear it...I hope this has helped you in some way if you decide to us it or not.

One Man Show (02:32)
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