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Freda Payne

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1964: After the Lights Go Down Low and Much More!
1966: How Do You Say I Don't Love You Anymore
1970: Band of Gold
1971: Contact
1972: The Best of Freda Payne
1973: Reaching Out
1974: Payne & Pleasure
1975: Out of Payne Comes Love
1977: Stares and Whispers
1978: Supernatural High
1979: Hot
1991: Greatest Hits
1995: Freda Payne Sings the (Unauthorized) I Hate Barney Songbook: A Parody
1996: An Evening With Freda Payne: Live in Concert
1996: Christmas With Freda and Friends
1999: Live in Concert
2000: Lost in Love
2000: Band of Gold: The Best of Freda Payne
2001: Come See About Me
2001: Unhooked Generation: The Complete Invictus Recordings
2002: The Best of Freda Payne: Ten Best Series

Audio & video
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