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Interpreti Jason Mraz Diskografie Live & Acoustic Hey Love

Jason Mraz - Hey Love

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Live & Acoustic

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Hey love, where you going to?
You're not sleeping anymore, you're just trying to
Stay love, where you running to?
Awful happens all the time, don't let it kill you

Easily with me
I feel as fast as I can see
Afraid of the horror stories
I fall down on my knees

Come away, come away
From all these things unheard
If a chosen word has got you cornered
Then it's a lesson learned

Like close the book before it burns you
Come away, come away
From all these things unseen

At the price you paid I promise
You won't believe anything they say
Belief will only disappoint you

In case you never noticed
The path you never chose has chosen you.
Afraid to face and break it
The secret

Hey Love (04:45)
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