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Interpreti Wilco Diskografie Wilco (The Album) Bull Black Nova

Wilco - Bull Black Nova

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Wilco (The Album)

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It's in my hair, it's on my clothes
It's in the river, over the road
It's shining down, my angry star
Hanging off the hood of my car
Not going far, not going far

It's coming down, they're coming up the shoulders
What have they found? I wonder if they'd know
I'm in a bull black Chevy Nova, silhouetted by the setting sun
This can't be undone, this can't be undone

If I am the one, blood on the sofa
Blood in the sink, blood in the trunk
High at the wheel of a bull black Nova
And I'm sorry as a setting sun
This can't be undone, can't be outrun

It's in my hair, there's blood in the sink
I can't calm down, I can't think
I keep calling, there's blood in the trunk
I can't calm down, I freak out, black out

Bull Black Nova (05:39)
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