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Interpreti Aerosmith Diskografie Get Your Wings Spaced

Aerosmith - Spaced

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Get Your Wings

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spaced in time
child of nine
doin` twenty years on the way
fire and steel
earth unreal
find another planet to stay
papa died
ma survived
tellin` me about her ordeal
and the soul she could not feel
`cause they made her so unreal
lightnin` years
twenty million years on my brain
tryin` to keep from goin` insane
and my soul I can not feel
`cause they made me so unreal
spaced enough to know I feel there`s nothin` out there
spaced enough to know I feel I really don`t care
spaced enough to feel I`m really losin` my mind
and I`m never ever goin` back
I`m off the track
no one even knows I`m alive
without a trace
waitin` for the word to arrive
I`m the last man to survive

Spaced (04:13)
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