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Interpreti Aerosmith Diskografie Night In The Ruts Three Mile Smile

Aerosmith - Three Mile Smile

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Night In The Ruts

Text písničky

Take a walk in the warm New England sun
Ain`t no time to look for clues
You get the point from Uncle Sam`s loaded gun
Who be the hand that light the fuse

A take a look, take a look at my old billy goat
He used to raise all kinds of hell
He took a dose of radiation dope
A back in the barn is where he felt, like hell

Aar...Lucy, chromosome
Lucy, superdome

What makes you think you patronizin` my old friends
After you ride in my car, car
What do you do when your oil`s Mexican
OPEC boys, you went too far, too far

Aar...Lucy, superdome
Lucy, chromosome
Aar...Lucy, papadum
Lucy, sing the song

(Ah), dig it up
(Ah), live it up
(Ah), a dig it up
(Ah), live it up

Look out

Three Mile Smile (03:42)
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