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Interpreti Aerosmith Diskografie Rock In A Hard Place Bolivian Ragamuffin

Aerosmith - Bolivian Ragamuffin

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Rock In A Hard Place

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Pack up your troubles in your old gym bag
You gotta dance to the tune of Bolivian Ragamuffin
I`ll take short breaks love her to the outbreaks

Standing on the seashore lookin` at the city
See the street light dog bite go lady on the TD8
The wax museum and nobody gets to see themselves
There`s others care to see what nobody wants to be a baby

Can`t break cabbage head
Try and get a salad made
Hold my pickle, hold the lettuce
Session waters don`t upset us

Kick, stand, face look so evil, like Knieval
Never make third base like a toilet bowl cleaner
Like a squawk eight fool in I don`t know orogotus
If I have to do rock a roller up a jello

Facial, connish lie
Smoke a bowl of feeling fine
Burn and people, try to let us
Session waters won`t upset us

Hee lee cans (Kick in the pants)
Water fall (got on a dance)
Blame it all (Say gotta eve us a trance)
Ain`t gonna do it
Ain`t gonna do it
Ain`t gonna do it
Ain`t gonna do it
Ain`t gonna do it

Bolivian Ragamuffin (03:31)
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