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Aerosmith - Combination

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the street is cold the dawn is grey
my heart says no but my head says stay
my work is finished or so I`ve been told
can`t part the three of us once we got a hold

I forgot the name
I took a shot on the chin
I`m rearranging my game
tell by the shape I`m in

in line of fire you know what to say
they gave us no choices just one shade of grey
my legs keep movin` I don`t seem to stray
but I know each step we take, they`re one step away

I found the secret, the key to the vault
we walked in darkness, kept hittin` the walls
I took the time, to feel for the door
I found the secret, the key to it all

I got the Nouveauree
and dragged it home to bed
I traded you for me
I took it all and said

I find my own fun,
sometimes for free I got to pay it to come lookin` for me
walkin` on Gucci,
wearin` Yves St. Laurent barely stay on cause I`m so God damn gaunt

Combination (03:38)
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