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Interpreti All That Remains Diskografie The Fall Of Ideals Six

All That Remains - Six

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The Fall Of Ideals

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  1. Six
  2. Empty Inside
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I wish I was free of this
I see her in my dreams
Wish that she wasn't there

But she still haunts me and I

Still feel her breath on me
Still want to taste her skin
But I know that would kill me

No damn her, still I choke on her lies
Still Reeling from her last caress her goodbye

Oh how this sickens me
This wretched fools affair
I can't erase this from me

And now it permeates
And every thought I feel
The anger writhes in my soul

No damn her, still I feel my stomach turn
Choke back hold my head high I'm strong

No damn her, still I choke on her lies
Not reeling I'm strong

Six (03:22)
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