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Andrea Bocelli - Malia

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What was there in that flower you gave me?
Perhaps a love potion, a mysterious powe!
As I touched it, my heart trembled,
its perfume troubled my thoughts!
What was there in your delicate movements?
Do you bring magic charm with you?
The air quivers wherever you go,
a flower springs at your feet as you pass!

I do not ask in which blessed region
you have lived until now:
I do not ask if you are a nymph, a fairy
or a fair apparition!
But what is there in your fateful glance?
What is there in your magical glance?
What is there in your magical words?
When you look at me, rapture overwhelms me,
when you speak to me, I feel as if I am dying!

Malia (03:34)
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