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Interpreti Arctic Monkeys Diskografie Suck It And See Love Is A Laserquest

Arctic Monkeys - Love Is A Laserquest

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Suck It And See

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Do you still feel younger than you thought you would by now?
Or darling have you started feeling old yet?
Don't worry, im sure that you're still breaking hearts, with the efficiency that only youth can harness
And do you still think love is a laserquest?
Or do you take it all more seriously?

I've tried to ask you this, in some daydreams that i've had
But you're always busy, being make believe
And do you look into the mirror, to remind yourself, you're there?
Or has somebodies goodnight kisses got that covered?

When i'm not being honest, i'll pretend that you were just some lover
Now i can't think of there, without thinking of you
I doubt that comes as a surprise
And i can't think of anything to dream about
I can't find anywhere to hide
And when i'm hanging on, by the rings around my eyes
And i convince myself i need another
For a minute it gets easier to pretend that you were just some lover.

When i'm pipe and slippers and rocking chair
Singing dreadful songs about summer.
Will i've found a better method of pretending you were just some lover?
Will I've found a better method of pretending you were just some lover?

Love Is A Laserquest (03:11)
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