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Interpreti Beastie Boys Diskografie Hot Sauce Committee Part Two Funky Donkey

Beastie Boys - Funky Donkey

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Hot Sauce Committee Part Two

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Now it's suffice to say that I'm nicer
Nice in the cut and yes I'm the slicer
Or should I say I'm the filleter
I hate the game I hate the player
But don't get discombobulated and upset
Because trust me we ain't even begun yet

Mike D's got it locked and we rock it nonstop
Adrock's got it locked and we rock it nonstop
MCA's got it locked and we rock it nonstop
And you don't stop the body rock

Watch me make it pop now I make it sizzle
As I flip your omelet up at the b bizzle
I'm like multo Mario they call me Tasty D
Your quick fire challenge freak the huiki
You can call me chef 'cause it's bonafide
Knife skills on the block that I'm taking world wide


I've got bass lines bubbling up on out of my hands
Don't want to never play nothin' that sounds too bland
Shazam! Sprinkle on some magic dust
You've got a bagel in your pants and that's a must
Plus I cuss and I grab my nuts
Got a six finger ring that says "Excuse our dust"


Sometimes things just don't connect

Funky Donkey (01:56)
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