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Interpreti Biffy Clyro Diskografie Only Revolutions Born On A Horse

Biffy Clyro - Born On A Horse

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Only Revolutions

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  • Rádio interpreta
  • Rok vydání: 2009
  • Žánry: Britpop, Inspiration of Thom Artway, Jízda autem, Pogo, Rock
  • Vydavatelství: Supraphon
Text písničky

I pronounce it aluminium,
'Cause there's an i next to the u and m
Now write it down slowly and read it out fast
She's got eyes, preposterous eyes
I've never had a lover who's my sister
Or my brother before

I've been counting on the wrong things
To make life feel alright
You could be my acid queen
Until the end of time
'Cause you can have it all,
You're stuck in the middle
Raise them one and all,
I was born on a horse that's all...

I like to think I'm just a thoroughbred,
In all but name and with no horse's flesh
We're galloping slowly through this broken glass
She's got hooves, preposterous hooves
I've never had a lover who's my sister
Or my brother before

Born On A Horse (02:49)
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