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Interpreti Billy Talent Diskografie Billy Talent II [UK] Red Flag

Billy Talent - Red Flag

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Billy Talent II [UK]

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  1. Red Flag
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[Chorus:Repeat x2]
Cast off the crutch that kills the pain
The red flag never meant the same,
The kids of tomorrow don't need today,
When they live in the sins of yesterday.

Well I've never seen us act like this,
Our only hope is the minds of kids,
And they'll show us a thing or two.

Our only weapons are the guns of youth,
It's only time before they tighten the noose,
And then the hunt will be on for you.

We don't need them

[Chorus: x2]

Like the smallest bee packs a sting,
Like the pawn checkmates a king,
We'll attack at the crack of dawn.

Build a ladder if there's a wall,
Don't be afraid to slip and fall,
Speak for yourself or they'll speak for you.

We don't need them.

[Chorus: x2]

Light a fire,
There'll be water,
Like a jury,
Needs a liar
Like a riot,
Turning over,
Like a madman,
Needs a martyr.

[Repeat: x8]
We don't need them.

[Chorus: x5]

[Repeat: x17]
We don't need them

Red Flag (03:16)
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