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Interpreti Blue October Diskografie Approaching Normal Jump Rope

Blue October - Jump Rope

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Approaching Normal

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Remember how you used to say"you couldn't wait till tomorrow for a brand new day"No fuss when ya had to ride the busYou could add a little blushJust to paralyze your school crushNow your older and the weight upon your shoulderMakes the world a little colderNo more hidin in the old daysBe strongDon't give up hopeIt will get hardCause life's like a jump ropeUp down when it gets hard remember life's like a jump ropeThere'll be a bump there will be a bruiseThere'll be alarms and there will be a snoozeThere'll be a path that u will get to chooseThere'll be a win and there will be a loseYou have to hold your head up high andWatch all the negative go byDon't u ever be ashamed to cryYou go aheadCuz life's like a jump ropeI want to tell u that everything will be okayThat everything will eventually turn itself to goldKeep pushin through it allDon't follow, lead the wayDon't lose yourself or your hopeRemember life's like a jump rope

Jump Rope (03:19)
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