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Interpreti Blue October Diskografie Approaching Normal Say It

Blue October - Say It

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Approaching Normal

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It's all about steamIt's all about dreamsIt's all about making the best out of everythingYou'll know when your fineCause you'll talk like a mimeYou'll fall on your faceYou get back up and you're doing fine"a considerate clown, a preachy preachy machine"Is one of the sweetest things you would say about meBut I don't have the time for your distorted esteemWhy are you toying with my mind?I don't wanna hear you say itNow you're fucking with my prideYou think you're smarter than meWell everyone knows you will never be smarter than meThat's how it goesI gained forty pounds because of youWas there an "S" on my chestWell I confess, you were too much stressI'd have a heart attack at bestSo now I breathe it out, I breathe it outI spit it on the crowd cause they lift me up, they lift me up, they lift me upWhen I'm feeling downWhat am I spitting out? spitting out, something we never talk aboutIt's called my... mindI don't wanna hear you say itNow you're messing with my prideI'm sick of standing in your lineSo now you'll have to take itTake this to heartI will never let you fuck me overStop talking down to me your war is oldYour game is overSo here's my coldest shoulderI don't wanna hear you say itNow you're messing with my prideSomething we don't talk aboutSomething we never talk about

Say It (03:38)
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