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Interpreti Bob Sinclar Diskografie Western Dream For You

Bob Sinclar - For You

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Western Dream

motiv alba
  1. Love Generation
  2. Tennessee
  3. Everybody Movin'
  4. World, Hold On
  5. Miss Me
  6. For You
  7. Rock This Party
  8. Sing My Song
  9. In The Name Of Love
  10. Amora, Amor
  11. Shining From Heaven
  12. Give A Lil' Love
  • Rádio interpreta
  • Rok vydání: 2006
  • Žánry: Nej Dance, Dámská jízda, Dance, Disco, Fotbalová, Hokejová, Jarní hity, Pop, Popové hity, Pozitivní vlny
  • Vydavatelství: Universal Music
Text písničky

For you,yeah yeah
I wasn't sure I was really looking
for you, yeah yeah
I know I said that I would do anything
for you,yeah yeah
in the end I could not pay the price
for you,yeah yeah
here's little advice

bridge 1:

How could I be wrong ?
you overstimated me
why should I be strong ?
I can do nothing more for you

verse 2:

For you, yeah yeah
I feel so tired I ain't gonna fight
for you, yeah yeah
it was wortha try but we know I ain't right
there're things I could do but I don't think I could die
for you, yeah yeah
don't expect me to cry

bridge 2:

I'm not your kind
I'm not so kind

For You (05:22)
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