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Interpreti Breaking Benjamin Diskografie We Are Not Alone Simple Design

Breaking Benjamin - Simple Design

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We Are Not Alone

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I live a chemical lifeI'm on a mission insideYou went insane for a dayI'll have to shove it awayMy only option is goneSmile as they break and they fallYou want a simpler lifeYou can't erase what was right[Pre-Chorus:]You must be out of your mind!This was a simple design!You fuck it up everytimeHow could you leave me behind[Chorus:]It's alright, it's alright'cause I know what you wantbut you'll just have to waitIf I had it to give I would give it awayI'm living it upwhile I'm falling from graceThere's no way that I'm running awayI'm used to making it bestMaking it folding and wetYou wanna know what it wasNow as I lay there it's goneYou fall apart at the seamsI'll never know what it meansTry not to pull it apartYour anger straight from the heart[pre-chorus][chorus]It had to be the worst for meI don't know what to say so let beAnd now I find you left me behindI don't know what to say so nevermind!You're wrong![chorus][Thanks to plxymoses22@aol.com for these lyrics]

Simple Design (04:14)
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