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Busta Rhymes

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1996: The Coming
1997: When Disaster Strikes
1998: Extinctional Level Event
2000: Anarchy
2001: Genesis
2001: Total Devastation The Best of Busta Rhymes
2002: It Ain't Safe No More
2006: The Big Bang
2006: The Crown
2008: Blessed
2008: Busta's Back
2009: Back On My B.S.

S Flipmode Squad
1998: The Imperial Album

S Leaders Of The New School
1991: A Future Without A Past…
1993: T.I.M.E.


1996: Woo-Ha!! Got You All In Check
1996: It's A Party
1998: Dangerous
1998: Turn It Up/Fire It Up
1999: What's It Gonna Be
2001: Break Ya Neck
2002: Make It Clap
2002: Pass The Courvoisier
203: I Know What You Want
2003: Light Your Ass On Fire
2005: Touch It
2006: I Love My Bitch

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