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Interpreti Christina Aguilera Diskografie Back To Basics Without You

Christina Aguilera - Without You

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Back To Basics

motiv alba
  1. Intro (Back To Basics)
  2. Makes Me Wanna Pray
  3. Back In The Day
  4. Ain't No Other Man
  5. Understand
  6. Slow Down Baby
  7. Oh Mother
  8. F.U.S.S.
  9. On Our Way
  10. Without You
  11. Still Dirrty
  12. Here To Stay
  13. Enter The Circus
  14. Welcome
  15. Candyman
  16. Nasty Naughty Boy
  17. I Got Trouble
  18. Hurt
  19. Mercy On Me
  20. Save Me From Myself
  21. The Right Man
  • Rádio interpreta
  • Rok vydání: 2006
  • Žánry: Alternative, Blues, Jazz, Milénium hity, Milujeme mámu, Pop, R'n'B, Rock & Roll, Silvestrovská párty!, Soul, Tvoje tvář má známý hlas
  • Vydavatelství: Sony BMG
Text písničky

Have I been blind?
For the first in my life
I feel I've opened up my eyes
Since you have arrived
Like an angel from the sky
I am on a spiritual high

So don't you ever go away
I could never face...
Losing you would kill my faith in a higher place

What kind of world would it be without you?
I couldn't breath without you here
What kind of world would I see without you?
I can't dream without you here

Beautiful boy
How on earth did I do something worth deserving you?
My better half
How I cherish through and through every part of you?
I do

Loving you's made me whole; now I belong
I found my home
Promise me we'll always stay
The way we are today


I can't ever imagine, if this never had happened
I thank God every day
Almost lost you forever, but now I'll always remember
That you're my saving grace


Without You (03:56)
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