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Interpreti Chuck Berry Diskografie The Best Of Back In The Usa

Chuck Berry - Back In The Usa

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The Best Of

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Oh well, oh well, I feel so good today,
We touched ground on an international runway
Jet propelled back home, from over the seas to the U. S. A.

New York, Los Angeles, oh, how I yearned for you
Detroit, Chicago, Chattanooga, Baton Rouge
Let alone just to be at my home back in ol` St. Lou.

Did I miss the skyscrapers, did I miss the long freeway?
>From the coast of California to the shores of Delaware Bay
You can bet your life I did, till I got back to the U. S. A.

Looking hard for a drive-in, searching for a corner caf?
Where hamburgers sizzle on an open grill night and day
Yeah, and a juke-box jumping with records like in the U.S.A.

Well, I`m so glad I`m livin` in the U.S.A.
Yes. I`m so glad I`m livin` in the U.S.A.
Anything you want, we got right here in the U.S.A

Back In The Usa (02:27)
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