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Interpreti Chuck Berry Diskografie The Best Of Go Go Go

Chuck Berry - Go Go Go

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The Best Of

Text písničky

Down goes the sun, sitting, ducking on guitar

Up comes the moon, twinkle, twinkle little star

One and one is two inchin?two, to make it four

Johnny get your guitar, let`s go, go, go

Johnny plays the guitar at the weekly record hop

He starts starts to twist and turn and then they wouldn? let him stop

Girls so shook up, seein?him shakin?on the show

Everybody starts to holler go, go, go

Duckwalkin?on his knees, peckin?like a hen

Lookin? like a locomotive, here he comes again

Meow said the kitty goin?bow-wow-wow

Go and pick your guitar, Johnny don? stop now, oh baby

Backed up by a jazz band, layin` on the wood,

Mixin Ahmad Jamal in my Johnny B Goode.

Sneaking Errol Garner in my Sweet Sixteen,

Now they tell me Stan Kenton`s cutting Maybelline, oh baby

Papa said to Mama, this I never understood,

How he picks his guitar, make it sound so good.

Use to sound goofy, but I guess it`s allright,

Cause Papa`s takin` Mama to the gig tomorrow night, oh baby

Go Go Go (02:39)
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