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Interpreti Chuck Berry Diskografie The Best Of Let It Rock

Chuck Berry - Let It Rock

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The Best Of

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Well, up in the evening down in Mobile, Alabama
Working on the railroad with the steel driving hammer
Gotta make some money to buy some brand new shoes
Tryin` to find somebody to take away these blues
`She don`t love me` hear them singing in the sun
Payday`s coming and my work is all done

Later in the evening when the sun is sinking low
All day I been waiting for the whistle to blow
Sitting in a teepee built right on the tracks
Rolling them bones until the foreman comes back
Pick up you belongings boys and scatter about
We`ve got an off-schedule train comin` two miles about

Everybody`s scrambling, running around
Picking up their money, tearing the teepee down
Foreman wants to panic, `bout to go insane
Trying to get the workers out the way of the train
Engineer blows the whistle loud and long
Can`t stop the train, gotta let it roll on

Let It Rock (01:46)
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