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Clare Maguire - Light After Dark

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Light After Dark

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We’re in one mind
We’re in this together
And we’re facing a fight
We’re not trying to be clever no
We’re not trying to be cool
Sometimes it feels like it’s just me and you

We have one life
To find higher ground
It can take us up
It won’t bring us down
It’s forever we’re forever

We’ll change it all
We’ll rise then we’ll fall
We’ll love then get lost
In the light after dark

We’re not alone now
You are the reason I am
Walking so tall
We’re in the spotlight
We’re on the floor
Wrapped in arms that make
Us feel secure

We have one chance
To go where we go
You have shown me
And now I have seen it I know
It’s forever oh we’re forever


You and me
We’re the light after dark
You and me
We’re the light after dark


Light After Dark (03:58)
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