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Interpreti Dawn Of Tears Diskografie Descent Bleeding Away

Dawn Of Tears - Bleeding Away

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  1. Bleeding Away
  2. Poisoned Minds, Shattered Hear
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I can't resist moreI can't stop itI can't control itNo! I can't stop this bleedingThe hurt is in my chestI can't this bleedingWishing my [early?] deathI'm bleeding away! This is my bleeding ulcerPain my body cellThis is my bleeding ulcerLove don't forgiveFeel the sorrow in my empty veins, inside of me(Show me the way)See my scars I'm bleedingAway again... (Don't have regrets)I can't control it anymore! My life is missing now! My soul is praying for the life! Can you take me apartOf these hands of doomI want to choose now ifMy life's open, my heart in siege! Bleeding away! My heart again! Bleeds for this pain!

Bleeding Away (05:55)
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