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Interpreti Diary Of Dreams Diskografie Nekrolog 43 Tears Of Joy

Diary Of Dreams - Tears Of Joy

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Nekrolog 43

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dared to believe what you said in your sleep
but a master at this even lies under tears
I never felt home in a life of regret
Your embrace was so tight that i woke up at night

I fell my tears of joy
revealing my relief
Finally home
Finally home
Finally here on my own!

I did speak out loud but my voice was too weak
So my whisper decayed in the silence you left
Inhaling the truth, digesting the past
If one thing's for sure then that nothing will last

Give back what you took, give our wounds time to heal
My eyes remain closed, as I'm counting the days
Now I'm paying the price for forsaking my strength
The last thing i said was a bitter good-bye

Tears Of Joy (05:21)
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