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Interpreti Diary Of Dreams Diskografie Nekrolog 43 The Darkest Of All Hours

Diary Of Dreams - The Darkest Of All Hours

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Nekrolog 43

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I read the words you send me
Addicted to the joy
of someone's caring
I cannot help it but hunger still for more
How beautiful
to lean back
and smile out to the world

Make peace, Mr. Conscience says to me
i take a moment
and figure out the spell
I let go of all my doubts
and open up my heart
Come in and conquer what you find
be sure that i don't mind

So here I am, all the shadows did return
Release me, from this room that I call home
And bring light, into the darkest of all hours
And guide me back, into the holy ground of life

Yes i know it is difficult
to find some answers
to enter and see my secret world
Be patient and feel trusted in return
Be gentle with this heart of mine, it is still torn
in pieces

The Darkest Of All Hours (04:19)
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