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Interpreti Diary Of Dreams Diskografie Nekrolog 43 The Plague

Diary Of Dreams - The Plague

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Nekrolog 43

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Hey, pretty face
you think that you can hide
behind this mask of yours.

Hey, prison cell
you can not keep me here
Silent waters are deep you know

I cannot see the man that you can see in me
I cannot kill this guy not even if I tried
I think I need to run to make myself a home
I need to seperate the living from the dead

This is the mind you came to fight
Call it fateful!
Don't be a plague, a spell to kill
You should be grateful!

Hey, pathetic foo
you do not see this curse
could be a blessing in disguise

hey, little malady
I found your fatal trace
that led me to your hideaway

The Plague (04:54)
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