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Die Happy - Supersonic Speed

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Supersonic Speed

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  1. Supersonic Speed
  2. Happy Now
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I. can`t deny it we are flying through the time so fast like noone ever did before always faster without breaking with a supersonic speed to make us really strong it`s still not enough there`s no way to stop we got so far again without danger in this age of multiple demand B: are you ready for a ride with me do you want to feel insanity come on and feel it like I do Ref: SUPERSONIC SPEED NEVERENDING BEAT THAT`S FLYING THROUGH MY HEAD LIKE A SYMPHONY WHAT I WANNA HEAR IT`S MAKING ME INSANE II. eyes wide opened looking forward always searching for a challenge, for a new beginning no old fashion intoxication through the tons of air that covers every piece of my skin what is better that`s the question noone`s ever gonna ask we feel freedom we are moving ahead and ahead so fast

Supersonic Speed (03:36)
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