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Interpreti Ed Bruce Diskografie Cowboy Classics Texas When I Die

Ed Bruce - Texas When I Die

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Cowboy Classics

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  1. Texas When I Die
  2. Mama Don`t Let Your Children
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Words & Music by

Bobby Borchers, Ed Bruce & Patsy Bruce


When I die, I may not go to heaven

`Cause I don`t know if they let cowboys in

If they don`t, just let me go to Texas

Texas is as close as I`ve been

New York couldn`t hold my attention

Detroit City could not sing my song

If tomorrow finds me busted flat in Dallas

Well, I won`t care, at least I`ll know I`m home

(Repeat Chorus)

I`d ride through all of Hell and half of Texas

Just to hear Merle Haggard sing a country song

Beer just ain`t as cold in old Milwaukee

My body`s here, but my soul`s in San Antone

(Repeat Chorus)

Texas When I Die (03:19)
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