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Eminem - Fack

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Curtain Call

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  1. Intro
  2. Fack
  3. The Way I Am
  4. My Name Is
  5. Stan (feat. Dido)
  6. Shake That (feat Nate Dogg)
  7. Like Toy Soldiers
  8. The Real Slim Shady
  9. Mockingbird
  10. Guilty Conscience (feat Dr. Dre)
  11. Cleanin' Out My Closet
  12. Just Lose It
  13. When I'm Gone
  • Rádio interpreta
  • Rok vydání: 2003
  • Žánry: Nej Hip Hop, 90's hity, Hip Hop Workout, Hip Hop Budíček, Pánská jízda, Rap
  • Vydavatelství: Universal Music
Text písničky

Ah'm, ah'm, ah'm
Ah'm, gonna facking, cam

Ah, ah, ah (oh god damn!)
I'm gonna fackin' cam! (oh shit!)
Fack fack fack (fuck I am!)
I am, I'm going to come (I'm camming!)

(Oh yeah god) I never seen no shit like this,
This bitch can twist like a damn contortionist
Condom on my dick of course it is,
This bitch don't know what abortion is
So I can't cum in her,
Fucks like a porn star, looks like jenna,
Fack I'm gonna,
Cum I think my rubbers comin' off,
But oh its so fuckin' wet and soft,
Fuck, I'm gonna start lettin' off
I'm squirting and she's not gettin' off,
And she's on top
I'm gonna fackin', oh god,
Oh don't do that, don't, stop
Stop, don't, I don't mean don't stop!
Ow wait a minute
Ow ow fuck I, I'm gonna fuckin' cam!


Oh wow, boo that pow, ooh ow I need a cigarette now!
Oh I'm so fucking hot,
And you're so fucking hot,
Oh my god,
I wanna fackin' fack
No not fuck, I said fack ,
F-A-C-K, F-A-C-K,
Fack, fack fack fackin' freak me!
Oh yeah girl see baby they call me mr freaky,
Let's call your sister 3-way
Have some threesome, me so horny
And you're such a fuckin' babe I wanna go down on you
Fuck you shave!
Ohh god damn, here I go again, I'm gonna cum I am!


OK I'm done,
I already came twice,
You ain't gonna make me cam,
I'm all outta gas,
Not so fast! uh your finger just went in my ass!
Ow that hurts! take it out now
Oh wait a minute oww put it back in, in in in
This don't mean I'm gay, I don't like men
I like boobs, boobs, boobs
Now see that gerbil, grab that tube,
Shove it up my butt,
Let that little rascal nibble on my asshole, uhh, yeah, right there, right there,
Ah I'm coming ah yeah,
Fack, I just came again, okay pull it out now,
Oh fuck yeah, wait he's not out he's still crawling around up there,
Ow fuck I think it's stuck
Oh but it feels so fackin' good!


Shove a gerbil in your ass through a tube
Shove a gerbil in your ass through a tube
Shove a gerbil in your ass through a tube
Shove a gerbil in your ass through a tube
Ew ew ew ew

Fack (03:25)
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