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Interpreti Enya Diskografie And Winter Came White Is In The Winter Night

Enya - White Is In The Winter Night

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And Winter Came

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Have you seen the mistletoe, it fills the night with kisses
Have you seen the bright blue star, it fills your heart with wishes
Have you seen the candlelight, it shines from every window
Have you seen the moon above, it lights the sky in silver

Green is in the mistletoe and red is in the holly
Silver in the stars above that shine on everybody
Gold is in the candlelight and crimson in the embers
White is in the winter night that everyone remembers

Have you heard the boys outside, when all the girls are skating
Have you heard their sweet hearts cry for all this time they're waiting


Have you seen the children playing, tiny hands are frozen
Have you seen them hurry home, when suddenly its snowing


Have you heard that bells are ringing, ringing out their story
Have you heard the choir singing, Glory, Glory Glory

White Is In The Winter Night (03:00)
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