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Interpreti Evanescence Diskografie Fallen Haunted

Evanescence - Haunted

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motiv alba
  1. Bring Me To Life
  2. Everybody's Fool
  3. Going Under
  4. Everybody´s Fool
  5. Haunted
  6. Hello
  7. Imaginary
  8. My Immortal
  9. My Last Breath
  10. Taking Over Me
  11. Hellou
  12. Tourniquet
  13. Whisper
  • Rádio interpreta
  • Rok vydání: 2003
  • Žánry: Rockové hity, 90's hity, Gothic, Hard & Heavy hity, Milénium hity
  • Vydavatelství: Sony BMG
Text písničky

Long lost words whisper to meStill can't find what keeps me hereWhen all this time I've been so hollow inside(I know you're still there...)Watching me; Wanting me;I can feel you pull me downFearing you; Loving you;I won't let you pull me downHunting you, I can smell you - AliveYour heart pounding in my headWatching me; Wanting me;I can feel you pull me downSaving me; Raping me;Watching me...

Haunted (03:06)
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