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Interpreti Evanescence Diskografie Origin Even In Death

Evanescence - Even In Death

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Give me a reason to believe that you're goneI see your shadow so I know they're all wrongMoonlight on the soft brown earthIt leads me to where you layThey took you away from me but now I'm taking you home[CHORUS:]I will stay forever here with youMy loveThe softly spoken words you gave meEven in death our love goes onSome say I'm crazy for my love, Oh my loveBut no bonds can hold me from your side, Oh my loveThey don't know you can't leave meThey don't hear you singing to me[Chorus]And I can't love you, anymore than I doI will die, but real love is forever.[Thanks to lilstraykitty@yahoo.com for these lyrics][Thanks to boXdcar0usel@yahoo.com for correcting these lyrics]

Even In Death (04:07)
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