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Interpreti Everything But The Girl Diskografie 82 - 92 Essence And Rare Each And Every One

Everything But The Girl - Each And Every One

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82 - 92 Essence And Rare

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If you ever feel the time to drop me a loving line maybe you should just think twice I don`t wait around on your advice You tell me I can go this far, but no more Try to show me heaven and then slam the door You offer shelter at a price much too dear And your kind of love`s the kind that soon disappears So don`t brag how you have changed And everything`s been rearranged I thought all that was over and done But I still get the same from Each and Everyone Being kind is just a way to keep me under your thumb and I can cry because that`s something we`ve always done you tell me I`m free of the past now and all those lies then offer me the same thing in a different guise

Each And Every One (02:47)
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