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Interpreti Everything But The Girl Diskografie 82 - 92 Essence And Rare Oxford Street

Everything But The Girl - Oxford Street

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82 - 92 Essence And Rare

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When I was ten I thought my brother was God -
He'd lie in bed and turn out the light with a fishing rod.
I learned the names of all his football team,
Aid I Still remembered them when I was nineteen.

Strange the things deal that I remember still
Shouts from the playground when I was home and ill.
My sister taught me all that she learned there;
When we Grow up, we said, we'd share a flat somewhere.

When I was seventeen, London meant Oxford Street.
Where I grow up there were no factories.
There was a school and shops and some Fields and trees,
And rows of houses one by one appeared.

I was born in one and Lived there for eighteen years.
Then when I was nineteen.
I thought the Humber would be the gateway from my Little world into the real world.
But there is no real world -

We live side by side, and sometimes collide. .
When I was seventeen, London meant Oxford Street.
It was a little world;
I grew up in a little world.

Oxford Street (03:22)
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