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Exploited - Daily News

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Totally Exploited

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mother england dressed in her dress
tell your kids
what a bloody mess
come politicians
buttons on their breast
new at ten
go with labour

[chorus:]daily news daily news we gotta find out
daily news daily news wanna buy

maggie thatcher prices on her dress
just can't escape from
and election vest
he's got a chance
so he had to point a gun
he had a bit of pressure
you wouldn't get no parole

i never touch the star
thats for others,the star

i know maggie thatchers in her dress
telling the civilians
what a fucking mess
one disaster
he did it for free
they're just a bunch of arseholes
they're all a sham

records in my house
going up in smoke
records are destroyed
what a fucking joke
records end up
mucking up your life
russian soldiers, thekgb

still 12 deaths
extra extra read all about it

Daily News (02:57)
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