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Interpreti Exploited Diskografie Totally Exploited Jimmy Boyle

Exploited - Jimmy Boyle

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Totally Exploited

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I don't know if they to die
shut 'em up, they may not try
send the medicine in and out
fairly it just motored

Jimmy Boyle
beat the system

how much credits on demand
target kids, are gone again
laughing in a short time
deny them of their human rights

Jimmy Boyle
beat the system

Smuggled toweling, from their cells
pass for all those shitty smells
war claims this sordid despair
trust him, he's the quartermeir

Jimmy Boyle
beat the system

Had some cock on Friday night
showed her how to make a play
showed him how to get it on
do it here just bolt the door

Jimmy Boyle
beat the system

Jimmy Boyle (02:06)
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