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Interpreti Eyedea Diskografie E & A Paradise

Eyedea - Paradise

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E & A

motiv alba
  1. Paradise
  • Rádio interpreta
  • Rok vydání: 2004
  • Žánry: Hip hop
  • Vydavatelství: Rhymesayers Entertainment
Text písničky

What a beautiful world, so fragile and fertile

Pain filled the void when boy met girl

He�s a puppet to nature, one year later

Now so deeply and sickly in love it makes him hate her

The average romanticized American relationship

Sinks, capsized when either side becomes a slave to it

Conditioned, dependent, afraid to be alone

He needs that feeling that he can�t create all on his own

He despises the fact she has a life outside of him

It drives him crazy to think she�s not insanely consumed with him

Give her the guilt-trip and maybe she�ll quit living,

To stay behind his prison walls and lose all individualism

Well this is happiness, masochistic torture

Played by the decadent, craved of affection

The needle digs deep to push contentment through his bloodstream

And drown out hollow, the pothole of a junkie

If he could only hear her sing, he wouldn�t want to break her wings

But emptiness has such a warm, subtle sting

She makes up for what he lacks, trapped,

He can�t imagine life without someone like that


We�ve rediscovered the long-lost art of dying

Only to lonely resent angels for flying

Twisted, living off of each other�s sickness like parasites

This is paradise

We�ve rediscovered the long-lost art of dying

Only to lonely resent angels for flying

Addicted, afraid to take control of my own life

This is paradise

Verse 2:

What a beautiful world, emotionally destroyed

(______?________) when girl met boy

Between several breakups and plenty relapses

Routine bred-comfort led to serious attachment

Now every once in a while she forgets to breathe

Terrified of losing him, paradise is misery

Too much faith in the life-saving knight in shining armour

Now her knight�s noticing the scars she can�t hide any longer

But they were her story way before he was

It was gross hope to think he could heal such deep cuts

At first it felt so right but after one too many fights,

He turned out that hallway light and all the wonder turned to spite

So they sleep in the same bed with guns to each others� heads

Dead the romance, boiling the blood that painted roses red

Suffering from post-honeymoon disease, bleached through

His whole existence, she�ll die if he decides to leave

Addicted to the way she feels when they spend time together

Detouring the now in a childish attempt to find forever

Despite the fact they hold each other heart to heart

You can�t be that close to somebody without being so far apart


Silence, the most obscure sound I�ve ever heard

Those lonely, giant spaces in between your every word

And maybe, I�m totally crazy for holding on but

Just cus I�m insane, don�t mean that I�m wrong

Now that you�re gone I can�t sleep at night

I barely even function right, my memory�s on overdrive

Too hungry and too cold to cry

Miss the companionship we both took for granted

The way you helped me manage, the partnership that vanished

But I don�t expect you to stay chained by the ankle,

There�s so much world to see so, fly free my angel

I�m dying without you, but it�s teaching me to live

Heaven ain�t something someone else can give

It�s all inside of me


There�s so much world to see

What�s stopping you from flying free?

Paradise (06:35)
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