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From Plan To Progress - Immersed

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PUNK Attitude!

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  1. Immersed
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I will fight you
Every step of the way
No matter what I think
Or what you have to say

Kicking and screaming
Just drag me out of here
I will cause you sorrow
I will not endear

I am wide-awake
And immersed in confusion
Bare boned and busted up
Lost in disillusion

If I had just one
Little spark inside of me
I wouldn't be so scared
Of the dark side of me

I refuse to shrink
And be something that I'm not
Just to be who you are
Just to get what you have got

I won't accept restraint
I will not hide behind fear
I will be afraid
But I'll stand up
I will stay right here

Immersed (02:52)
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