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Green Day - See The Light

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21st Century Breakdown

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I crossed the river
Fell into the sea
Where the non-believers
Go beyond belief
Then I scratched the surface
In the mouth of hell
Running out of service
In the blood I fell

Well I - I just want to see the light
And I - I don't want to lose my sight
Well I - I just want to see the light
And I need to know what's worth the fight

I've been wasted
Pills and alcohol
I've been chasing
Down the pool halls
Then I drank the water
From a hurricane
And I set a fire
Just to see the flame


I crossed the desert
Reaching higher ground
Then I pound the pavement
To take the liars down
But it's gone forever
But never too late
Where the ever-after
Is in the hands of fate


See The Light (04:35)
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