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Headstones - Settle

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Alternative Times Vol 3

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  1. Settle
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I wouldn`t settle for nothing
I couldn`t settle for that
I`d rather settle for something I don`t believe in
than listen to anymore of your chit chat

There`s no way
that you`ll win
Cause I`m here
Starting all over again
Take back your pieces, take back your pawns
Take back your armies, I`ll take back my arms
Positions don`t matter, you move first
If I move last, somebody`s gonna get hurt - get hurt

Cause there`s one thing that`s intact
They`re my dreams and it`s my turn to laugh
Pushed all the buttons
You pressed all the luck
optioned the options
I don`t give a
Fortunately, you move quickly
I move too fast
nobody`s winning
You know it just can`t last - can`t last

Settle (04:04)
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