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Interpreti Heptones Diskografie Natural Reggae (Studio One) Mama

Heptones - Mama

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Natural Reggae (Studio One)

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  1. Baby
  2. Fatty Fatty
  3. Mama
  4. Jamaica Bag
Text písničky

'mama say
son, I ain't got no food today
tit for tat, butter for fish
there's a little porridge in the dish

mama say
son, you've got to stay home today
there's a hole in the roof
you've got to make it waterproof

son, daddy left you were from you were four
I've got to struggle 'cos I am poor
she said, food is a very hard thing to find
sometime I feel like I'm going out of my mind

mama say
son, today look like a rainy day
but the food I ain't got enough
rain a fall but dutty tough'

Mama (02:24)
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