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Interpreti I Mother Earth Diskografie Alternative Times Vol 1 Summertime In The Void

I Mother Earth - Summertime In The Void

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Alternative Times Vol 1

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  1. Summertime In The Void
Text písničky

i felt the break and roll of the nexus on a day when the whole world
elected to sell us out there are the hands that grab my attention
when all is what i`m giving they slow me down slower
then southern muddy rivers
when you think theres salvation when you don`t want
to leave your room eyes with eyes open undreaming
when it`s summertime in the void
when it`s summertime in the void the sun is upside down
and facing the other way until days end with a skitzophrenic everjoy
and a sense of doubt you wait automatic and afraid
on ran the train through my solar plexis on the day i made good connection
with love out loud, home, hate and sound
and who wrote the words to my death sentence when life is what i`m living
and leaving now while i trip till time is over
when it`s summertime in the void and the stars yell out your name all together
and insane `cause they`re broken words they are a noise there`s
no answer for you wait automatic and afraid.

Summertime In The Void (07:06)
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