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Interpreti José González Diskografie Veneer Heartbeats

José González - Heartbeats

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motiv alba
  1. Slow Moves
  2. Remain
  3. Lovestain
  4. Heartbeats
  5. Crosses
  6. Deadweight On Velveteen
  7. All You Deliver
  8. Stay In The Shade
  9. Hints
  10. Save Your Day
  11. Broken Arrows
  • Rádio interpreta
  • Rok vydání: 2005
  • Žánry: Sweater weather by Caroline, Folk, Rock, Romantická, Valentýnská
  • Vydavatelství: Panther
Text písničky

(The Knife cover)One night to be confusedOne night to speed up truthWe had a promise madefour hands and then awayBoth under influencewe had devine scentTo know what to sayMind is a razorbladeRefr: To call for hands of aboveto lean onWouldn't be good enoughfor me, noOne night of magic rushThe start of simple touchOne night to push and screamand then reliefTen days of perfect tunesThe colors red and blueWe had a promise madewe were in loveRefr.- (x2)And you, you knew the hand of a devilAnd you, kept us awake with wolf tearssharing different heartbeatsin one nightRefr.- (x2)

Heartbeats (02:40)
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