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Interpreti José González Diskografie Veneer Save Your Day

José González - Save Your Day

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  • Rádio interpreta
  • Rok vydání: 2005
  • Žánry: Sweater weather by Caroline, Folk, Rock, Romantická, Valentýnská
  • Vydavatelství: Panther
Text písničky

Poke the body with a stick, roll it down
Ignore the moaning as it tumbles to the ground
Be brave and save your day

These days are cold, numbers rule I've been told
The pattern is clear, better fit in the mold
I need to be brave to save your day
I need to be brave to save your day

To cough up sympathy isn't hard but it costs
Hold tight to your life savings
You have to do what you must
To save the day

So poke the body and roll it down
And the grave looks cold but we're still young
We're still young

Save Your Day (02:30)
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