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Interpreti Kickback Diskografie No Surrender If I Die Tonight

Kickback - If I Die Tonight

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No Surrender

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In a state of drunkennessStaggering stumblingIt's cheap and dirty just as I like itAnd I wouldn't want to be anywhere elsePink neon tombstoneLet this place be my graveyardLet this be my graveyardI raise my glassIn a trance like stateYou'll find me thereThat's where I'll beI offered myselfSacrificed myselfHere pretty smile around my cockThis will be my graveyardLet this be my graveyardLaughing dancing screamingI'm drowningDegradedI'm consumedI dulgeI'm falling... fallingTowards sovereigntyTowards deathI'm laughing my way downLaughing my way to the grave

If I Die Tonight (02:03)
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