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Interpreti Kickback Diskografie No Surrender Still On The Prowl

Kickback - Still On The Prowl

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No Surrender

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Slow animal motionMy contributionPlunge intoLearn to adaptWhat you want and what you getDisease ridden nightsAmongst the lifelessThe unfamiliar placesBut it's always the sameAnd sold so many timesInnocence is lost from the startFed cock day after dayPainted faces neo lightsThe old pros and the new recruitOr the tenderness of unsolid fleshPrivate pleasures of most neinous typePariah kind of divine rightsWhere the action isAcrid stench humid flashStricky floor urine soakedBroken dreamsWretched lifeless indulgeAnimal lust provokoteTaited pleasure waylowLibertine degrade celebrateAnd you walk these streetsFull of life and so naiveAnd you walk these streetsUntouched or so you thinkLOWEST OF THE LOWLOWAmongst the used and the usersThe liars and the takersI embraced it allAmongst the lowest of the lowI embraced it allThe wickest wayThe truth is I fit here perfectly

Still On The Prowl (05:12)
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