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Interpreti Klaxons Diskografie Surfing The Void Cypherspeed

Klaxons - Cypherspeed

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Surfing The Void

Text písničky

Ride the pandemonium
The hyper-confusion
Escape to nowhere

Glimpse no illusion
In the distance
Glimpse the existent
In the distance

In the chaos of oblivion

See the speed set to PSI
To cypher speed
Speed's set to PSI
To cypher
Reset to PSI
To cypher speed
Speed's set to PSI

Back to where it started
Free of all the noise
Escaping inside
Nothing is inside the darkness
Locked into forever moments
Sitting still in silence
Scurrying no more
Towards the everything you've ever wanted
Eyes are closed to find the love inside

Cypherspeed (05:08)
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